10 August 2010

favorite pot . . . gone

The orcs have struck again. I went out to water tomatoes this morning and found that my favorite herb pot was stolen. I did this sketch of it over 2 years ago; it was at least 20 years old then. Plants always seemed to thrive in it, even living through harsh winters as the oregano in the sketch did.

Not the first time for thieving orcs to strike either. Living in an apartment building on a busy corner seems to invite it. Maybe they think renters don't care what is taken, not realizing that the owners live here.

Among things recently taken are a hanging planter with it's frame that Bill made (they had to climb up a railing on the porch to reach it), a hand-blown glass hummingbird feeder, even some plants from pots on the stoop --- in this case they left the pots, just taking the plants. It's no wonder that I never set my aloe vera plant out on the porch in the summer, even though it would do better there. Granddaughter Mikala decorated the pot with sea shells from Galveston. I'm not taking any chances with it.

I think I'm done with gardening in the small beds we have next to the building. Perennials will be replaced with shrubs, no more container gardening except in the window boxes which are too high to reach from outside, no more garden ornaments. I might even have to start buying herbs.


  1. Oh, Vicky, that is so awful!! Why are people like that?
    You could possibly bring the window boxes indoors for the winter. I have done that in the past and my herbs did fine, then went back outside in the spring. Of course, you have to have someplace to put them!

  2. The boxes are way too big (there's three of them) and our apartment is small.
    I have thought of having the perennial herbs in smaller clay pots that are then buried in the window boxes, to be brought inside in winter. Not sure if the clay would suck up too much moisture or not --- the boxes require LOTS of water being on the south side.

  3. Auuuuugh!!!!! I am SO angry on your behalf! I had that happen here too, when we first moved here. I am SO sorry...but girl, frustrating as it is, don't let the Orcs win. Maybe they don't realize the owners live there, you're right, but I don't think they'd care.

    That said, I'm being careful what I put at the shed--the back yard is fenced and the gates lock from the inside, so mostly safe-ish (other than the time they broke into the old garden shed and stole both chain saws, etc.) Most things at the shed are firmly attached, or cheap-to-worthless. (Outside, especially!)

  4. Thanks, Kate, for the encouragement. As much as I dearly loved that particular pot, I decided to "sow it as seed" . . . the orcs win if I stay angry at them. I know the Lord will "repay" what has been stolen.

    Bill probably has it right: he figures that it was probably taken a block or two away and smashed up. Lots of young people out wandering the streets in the middle of night -- not wanna-be gardener types.


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