09 January 2019

a bat-sickle and a flat-bat

It seems we have “bats in our belfry” . . . or at least bats in the crawl space above the ceiling at church. Sometimes we can hear them up there. Our church is located in a couple of very old side-by-side downtown buildings in Somerville, TX.

Recently we had a bit of unusually cold weather for south-central Texas. And that’s when we noticed a flattened bat corpse on the sidewalk in front of church. Later, a young member, Kathleen, also found one frozen, still clinging to the brick outside. She was upset, being a nature lover.

I took photos to sketch them but I’m not going anywhere near them — interesting but so creepy!


  1. Who but an artist would be interested in a photo of a deceased bat? Ha! I would be right there with you, sketching part of life. I also find them very interesting but a bit creepy. They are actually very cute creatures when they are not hanging upside down!

    1. I once creeped my daughter out by bringing a dead baby bird inside to sketch — I had no desire to touch either of these bats! I remember fearing that those large fruit bats in the Wichita, KS Zoo’s aviary building would swoop down at any moment.


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