04 April 2018

window view

As I sit inside our cabin watching the carpenter’s crew struggle to place an overhead beam for our new carport, this is the view out a different window. Sketched in De Atramentis dark blue ink with Daniel Smith’s lunar blue and a touch of other watercolors.

The hummingbird feeders are filled and ready; so far we have only seen one this year but the levels are dropping so they must be feeding when we aren’t watching for them.

(Anyone notice something missing in the sketch? I didn't until after posting this here and on Facebook: the sky peeking through the oak trees was brilliant cobalt blue . . . and I forgot to paint it!)


  1. What a nice view—and I didn’t even notice the missing sky until you mentioned it!

  2. We’ve had so many gray, cloudy days recently, I should’ve celebrated the blue sky! 😀


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