25 April 2018

first pages and warm-up exercise

Today’s first video in the online Sketchbook Revival class covered those “first page fears” as well as the “what should I draw?” quandary and warming up exercises. I chose not to follow along with the examples given — it’s supposed to be about having fun and I don’t enjoy random scribbling.

So I followed my own long-standing practices instead:

For years, I have drawn my art tools on the first page. This can be simply what colors I am currently using, as shown above, or a sketch of my palette, fountain pens or pencils. Usually there is a wonky line or smudge of ink or paint — the sketchbook is now no longer pristine and I can move on past that first page! (I also record personal contact info on the inside front cover, in case the book is lost.)

As to “what should I draw?”, I began the sketchbook habit in 2007 by following Danny Gregory’s Everyday Matters drawing challenges. This list really got me moving forward!

My favorite warm-up exercise is a simple continuous line drawing. I did so many of these back in high school art classes, some “blind” and some timed — they are really quite relaxing! I don’t do them every time I draw, but if I feel “stuck” they help. This drawing of two more of my tea cups finished up the small folded sketchbook I made for the first day of class — my own wee boring book filled with tea cups like Danny Gregory’s!

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