23 April 2018

some simple handmade journals

The Sketchbook Revival online workshop began today, with the first lesson teaching how to make three simple sketchbooks. I didn’t make the first example, an accordion book, because I had already filled two journals of that style, full of special memories.

The larger one, made by Cathy Johnson, was filled in March and June of 2013 during two of my “Granny Nanny” trips staying with grandkids. Across three pages of one side is Mikala’s gigantic Maine Coon kitten, Oreo — Sadly, he died of a heart attack near the end of that same year, making this sketch poignantly special. (That was also the year my husband Bill had a major heart attack, followed by bypass surgery. I am SO GRATEFUL that he not only survived but is still thriving with a strong heart!)

The smaller accordion book contains random sketches from 2015, including my cataract surgeries. I fill both sides of this style of book, using a couple of rubber bands to hold uncorked pages together as I work. Otherwise the book can easily spill across the floor!

The two books in front are a simple folded version of white Bristol and a single signature sewn book of the same paper, covered with a folded piece of vintage Bristol in a cream color. I think I’ll use both of these for some of the class work.

Two separate parts to today’s class were sent by email today; I’ve only watched the first one due to wimpy internet. Maybe I will be able to view the second half before bedtime.


  1. Hi Vicky. I love your accordion journals. I haven’t got to watch the videos yet as I was busy all day filling an order. But how funny that accordion books was the subject because my post on my Turtle accordion book came out today. Although I chose to keep mine closed on one end.

    1. LOL! I thought you posted about your turtle book in response to the class! Great post, BTW.

      I was able to view the second video this evening on being intentional — I honestly have to say that I did not watch most of it. It was a bit too “new age” for me, and seemed a bit like Zen Buddhism with an expectation of hearing or sensing an inner guide. (Does that make sense? Don’t know if I worded it correctly.) I just was not comfortable watching the rest of it.

      Hoping for better tomorrow.

  2. Vicky, I felt the same way about the second video. We must have turned it off at about the same place. It made me uncomfortable for the same reasons.

    1. Good! That confirms to me that it was probably the Holy Spirit telling me that I really didn’t need this part.

      Today’s videos were great! I especially got a lot from Liz’s capturing complex scenes painting shapes directly with watercolor instead of beginning with lines as I usually do.


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