02 April 2018

a minimal kit

Although I am still working in my larger (5 1/2 x 8 1/2”) Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook, there are times when a smaller one comes in handy. Sometimes I might wish to carry a smaller bag, or maybe just stick stuff in a pocket and carry no bag.

I had one more Field Notes notebook from the set of three I purchased over a year ago, and the robin-egg blue just feels like spring, so I decided to start working in it as well.

To be truly minimal, I can just carry the wee notebook and a couple of pens: a Pentel Pocketbrush pen and a Sigma white gel pen. Color, if desired, can always be added later at home.

Having purchased a sample of QOR “earth color” watercolors years ago which I put together in an Ice Chips tin, I decided these might work well on this toned paper as the QOR paints seem a bit more opaque that my normal Daniel Smith watercolors.

A second lid friction-fits on the bottom to provide more mixing space. A bit of folded paper towel fits inside here as well.

I've added small pans of white and lunar blue watercolors to the set. Also fitting inside the box are my tiny Kaweco Lilliput fountain pen, 2 shortened pencils (one a white Prismacolor), a pencil sharpener, a two-piece water brush, and a bit of sponge.

A tiny card showing the QOR colors also fits inside the friction-fit lid on the bottom.

The whole thing can be held together using a terry-knit wrist band, which can also be used for wiping the brush on.

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