27 April 2018

Casa del Mar

I will be a bit behind in class work for the Sketchbook Revival online class, as we have come to the coast for a couple of days. This is the view from our hotel balcony — I drew it in the style Liz Steel taught in the “edges & shapes” class on Tuesday, sketching in paint and adding just a few ink lines at the end. I’m liking this technique!

I did use pencil guidelines to get the floor plan nearly right. Our room is more like an apartment; the hallways have ship-lath paneling and “windows” as well as what looks like outer doors, making it feel like beachfront property.

Been trying to catch photos of the pelicans Flying V-formation overhead this morning. They all seem to be headed towards Pelican Island, where we will be going later. Bill wants to tour the Navy Sub on exhibit there.

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