05 April 2018


Normally I feel a bit too intimidated to sketch people at church. Besides, we sit up front where I only see one family plus the pastor — and he changes expressions too fast to capture!

But last night I was jotting down notes and between that, I just started drawing Macy, our pastor’s beautiful granddaughter. She has the most gorgeous face, classically beautiful like Audrey Hepburn. And she’s tall (15 years old and over 6’) yet moves with such grace! Very athletic too.


  1. Our pastor moves his head too much for me to capture him too! And we also sit close to the front so I don't have many people to look at. I have been able to draw the backs of a few people. : ) Your sketch is great!

    1. Our pastor sometimes likes to ‘shake things up’ by rearranging the seating in our small church — gets us out of our comfort zones! I think he’s going to do so this Saturday, so who knows what new view I’ll have?


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