30 March 2017

waiting . . .

A sketch of Scott & White Clinic's uninspiring waiting room as we wait for one more after-surgery follow-up. I forgot how much this water-soluble ink would bleed.

Bill's incision is healing, though the neck muscles are swollen, irritating the nerve that the surgery was supposed to free up. So he is still in pain, though with greatly improved mobility. Hopefully the pain will be gone when the inflammation caused by the surgery calms down.


  1. An uninspiring waiting room and how great sketch...! I think, he didn't even notice you are sketching :)
    Wish a good recovery to Bill...

  2. He was he was totally absorbed in the game on his phone. I even took a photo in case we were called into the doctor's office before I finished the rough sketch (and we were) -- he never noticed. I was able to finish later from the photo.
    Thanks, Jana!

  3. I sure hope this surgery does the trick. Bill's having a rough stretch here.

  4. I think this is the last of the problem . . . as soon as the swelling goes down and the muscles settle down again. The neurosurgeon said in his 30 years of practice, this is only the third time he has had to do the second procedure.
    Of course, Bill says he's had his throat cut, been stabbed in the back (of his neck) --- all he needs is for the two sides to be done and he can remove his head and stick it on a pike so he won't lose it. (He also told our grandsons that during heart surgery in 2013, the doctors took his heart out and played basketball with it.)


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