22 March 2017

back again . . . and now home

While Bill's neck surgery in January successfully repaired and fused his bulging discs, he still had no relief from the arm pain he has lived with for over three years --- in fact, it increased. After some healing time and physical therapy, they were able to do another MRI and a CT scan. And this time an additional problem was found: a bone spear, actually shaped like a spear-head, was directed straight at the nerve. So back again for a different surgery, this time from the back of his neck.

That was yesterday; it went well and we just got home. Good results showing already with increased arm motion, greatly reduced pain, and less pain in the incision site than expected. Praising the Lord for bringing him through! Just some ongoing therapy to do at home and let the new surgical site heal.


  1. Bless you both! Hope he is MUCH better now!

  2. Both Bill and the neurosurgeon think this took care of it . . . finally! In over 30 years, Bill is only the third patient who he had to do this follow up surgery on.


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