08 March 2017

Cheese and Crackers

One day last week we drove out to a friend's home where Bill was checking out a plumbing problem. While he was inside, I went to visit our pastor's donkeys, named Cheese and Crackers. Cheesey loves people and will even "snuggle" with us . . . except when there is barbed wire between us! He is smart enough to stay away from the sharp pricks.

Crackers, on the other hand, is people-shy and stays in the background ignoring me. I took some photos with my iPhone, then drew these from the photos while waiting for Bill as he was in physical therapy. The waiting area is not very interesting to sketch but my donkey pals are.


  1. Ah. I love this post. Such sweet little donkey friends. And love the sketches, as usual. Thank you for sharing!

  2. And thank you for commenting, Fay!

  3. (They really are incredibly sweet donkeys, though Crackers won't come near me.)

  4. What a lovely sketch, Vicky:-)
    It's a pleasure to see your cute donkeys.
    Have a blessed Lent!

  5. Vicky, I love your donkey sketches. Our neigbors have a cute little shy donkey named "Murphy." We let him and his friendly horse friend "Beau" graze in our pasture during the grass growing months. Your sweet sketches are the inspiration I need to sketch them the next time they visit.

    1. I was never around donkeys until we moved to Texas -- they seem to be everywhere here! Especially alongside longhorn cattle; they actually fight off coyotes that try to bother the cows.

  6. Aren't these the burros with the cross on the shoulders? These are a cute animal! I hear they're tough, too. They'll take on coyotes and dogs to protect their 'herd', whether that's cattle or horses and such. Admirable creature and sketch.

  7. Yes, Cheesey does have a cross on his back. Crackers has never let me come near enough to see if she has one. Most ranchers around here have donkeys guarding the longhorns and horses. Sometimes we hear the donkeys full of rage in the middle of the night and we know coyotes have come too close!


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