31 March 2017

revenge at the eye doctor's

Today I went to my eye doctor's for a regular 6-month checkup and a laser treatment on my eyes. The waiting room was "standing room only", yet this lady took the last remaining seat in the room for her bag. So I stood right across from her . . . and drew her! She was so absorbed in her electronic reader that she never noticed me.

By the time I had finished adding watercolor, she had left, leaving two chairs available. Dr. Horton's office is in a log cabin __very small waiting room__ and she spends LOTS of time with each patient so there is usually a wait . . . and she is worth it!

I have glaucoma, requiring regular monitoring and daily eye drops, and I had cataracts removed three years ago. The doctor told me at the time that I was young to have cataracts and that there would be some cloudiness later on that would require the laser treatment (removing the back section of the "capsule" holding my implant lens in place). I walked in today with cloudy vision . . . and after about 5 minutes per eye, I'm back to 20/20 vision!


  1. http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2017-04-02/trini-born-doctor-makes-medical-discovery

    I hope that this is not what happened with your husband and I don't want to scare you but as I read the article in this morning's paper, I couldn't help but think of your husband.

    It is a remarkable discovery. Kudos to the doctor(s) for trying everything they could to diagnose the cause of the man's symptoms and treat it. Thank God that after countless attempts they eventually discovered the cancer and were able to treat it successfully. Reminds me of the TV series House.

    1. That really DOES sound like an episode of "House"! Amazing what the patient went through before it was known what was going on.

      My husband's issues are nothing like this (thank God!) -- there has never been any sign of infection or other symptoms mentioned in the article. The MRI clearly showed bulging discs blocking the spinal fluid cavity, pressing on the major nerve controlling his right arm. Following the first surgery that repaired this, a CT scan revealed a bone spur (actually shaped like a tip of a spear!) pushing directly into the same nerve. The second surgery removed a bit of bone, allowing the nerve to move away from the spur.

      When his neck started swelling, the surgeon saw him immediately, fearing a hematoma, but it was just post-surgical "trauma" and has since lessened. Dr. El Nihum said in 30 years as a neurosurgeon, he has only had to do the second surgery 3 times.

  2. True that your earlier posts about your husband's surgeries and the improvement in mobility and lessening pain did not resemble the facts in the article but he came to mind. I also offer thanks to God that your husband's story is different and his quality of life has improved. May God continue to bless you both and M wish you a glorious and restful Lord's Day.

  3. Have a blessed Lord's day, yourself, Cheryl!


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