08 July 2016

Thursday morning coffee (and tea!) group

Bill meets with a few other guys nearly every Tuesday and Thursday morning for coffee. This Thursday, Ms. B.J. and I joined them. We decided to meet at an earlier time; unfortunately, the cafe hadn't opened quite yet, so we chatted and laughed together in the parking lot.

After opening, everyone else was served coffee in good time, but it seemed a challenge for them to find a mug of hot water for my tea (I carry my own tea bags with me because so many places offer none). Pastor Gary finally went to the kitchen door and brought me some hot water. So I did this quick sketch while joining in the conversation.

Taking photos of my sketchbook using an iPad or iPhone has such better color and clarity! Much less editing needed than when using my camera and computer. Just a bit of cropping to eliminate unnecessary background images and maybe straighten the alignment. My camera images require adjustments in lighting, color (for some reason, photos turn bluer than the actual sketch), cropping, and alignment.

But Blogger seems to prefer the camera, allowing those images to be clicked on for enlarging when viewed on a computer while iPad images cannot be enlarged. Perhaps that's because if they are in turn viewed on a pad, they can be enlarged by a finger span swipe?

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