29 July 2016

fairy stones

Recently I read a little e-book called "The Cabin", by Smoky Zeidel. The story has a mysterious log cabin in the woods of Virginia, a bit of time-travel, and some wee fairy stones -- a twin-crystal mineral known as Staurolite.

I had never heard of these cross-shaped stones before. In the book, a legend is told of the elvish folk having told the fairies of the One they call the Christ having been crucified. The fairies wept and where their tears fell, tiny cross stones appeared. Eventually the fairies and elves diminished from the area until they had disappeared.

After writing a couple of my favorite quotes from the book into my journal, I wanted to draw a few of the stones on the page, so I looked them up on the internet.


  1. A fairy story about the One they call the Christ--I love it! I've never heard of fairy stones or their story. How fun it would be to find a Staurolite cross.

  2. I downloaded the ebook because (a) it was free and (b) there was time travel --- an idea that has fascinated me since I was very young and wanted to meet the historic people I read about. What a pleasurable surprise to find the fairies knowing of the Lord and so moved by His sacrifice!


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