30 July 2016

the book finally arrived . . . times two?

For over a month I have been practically drooling when I saw others posting pictures of this new book, "Artist's Sketchbook" by Cathy Johnson (my dearest friend, Kate) as they received their copies in the mail. I was honored to be among the many artists invited to submit art for the book --- how cool to be included among so many wonderfully talented people! Apparently those receiving their books early had pre-ordered them. My own copy was free from the publisher for allowing them copyright to the images I submitted, and handled by a different department than sales.

Imagine my surprise when our mailman brought me not one but two copies! No note of explanation, just two books within this strangely glued-together package. The corner of one copy was a bit bent but no reason to reject it.

I expected to love the book, as I love Kate's previous book I participated in, "Artist's Journal Workshop". But I didn't know it would repeatedly bring me to tears. So many of Kate's images were done during sketchcrawls that I joined in; many other artists are my sketchcrawl buddies from when we lived close enough to attend the monthly get-togethers. How I miss those magical times! I was even there when Kate sketched Liz Steel's bear, Borromini, at an old Kansas City hotel. I remember talking with Liz in the parking lot about our shared faith long after the others had gone home, not wanting to leave.

Thank you, Kate. It is truly a magical book full of memories!


  1. I miss you too, dear heart! And SO glad they finally arrived...love you!

  2. I hope all the other participants have their copies as well. Bill said it couldn't find me out here in "the boonies".

    How I miss those sketchcrawls! I asked at a Brenham art gallery about any artists getting together in the Brenham area -- and received a snobbish answer about oil and pastel artists doing plain air events. The lady literally looked down her nose at me when I told her I was an ink and watercolor artist.

  3. Thank you for this review - I was looking for some information about this book, and have now ordered a copy for myself. Love your paintings!


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