03 July 2016

happy birthday, America!

This morning we arrived at church to find Independence Day decorations in the front windows and inside. So I sketched a bit of one in a yellow "Sweet Tooth" Field Notes memo book using de Atramentis dark blue ink. Watercolor and white gouache added later at home. I decided to post this tonight instead of tomorrow; what originally started as inviting 3 people over for a cookout on the Fourth has grown to about 20 and I'll be too busy to post anything.


  1. I like the colorful sketch! The yellow paper looks interesting--looks like it took your paint well. Do you like Field Notes book? I've seen them on Goulet Pens but haven't tried one.

  2. This set of memo books takes watercolor and ink very well (keeping the watercolor on the dry side); the pages and cover are made of a heavier card stock. I think most Field Notes books are a thinner, lined paper. I like how easy it is to pop into a pocket or smaller bag for quick sketches.


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