25 July 2016

some fresh flowers

On Saturday we headed to Huntsville, Texas, where our granddaughter had been attending bassoon camp --- the kids were playing in a recital at the end of camp. We left home early, planning on a stop in College Station for a quick breakfast and a stop at Kohl's (I had a birthday money-off coupon that would expire soon). We ate at Chick-fil-A, where these fresh flowers were on our table and some lovely Christian praise music played in the background.

Back to Kohl's, which was supposed to open at 8:00 --- the doors were closed and there was a crowd of people standing around outside. Curious, it being 9:30. We left for another errand, then returned. Now at 10:00, doors still closed and the line a couple of blocks long. Don't know what kind of event they were having, but we didn't stick around to find out.

Which put us in Huntsville way too early so we looked for the nearest Kohl's about 30 miles south in Conroe. I found exactly what I was looking for (at half-price!), Bill found some needed shoes in his hard-to-find size, and the lady behind us in line insisted that we use her 30% off coupon. Nice! My friend Ginger would call that an anointed shopping day.

Then on to Sam Houston State University for an awesome bassoon & oboe concert, followed by lunch with our daughter and her family. Turned out to be a wonderful day . . . and we still have no idea what was going on at the College Station Kohl's.


  1. It always thrills and soothes my soul to hear Christian music playing when I walk into a business establishment.

  2. It's so spirit-lifting! Puts me in a joyous mood the rest of the day.

  3. Changes a crappy mood to joyful and magnifies a good mood one hundredfold.


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