11 July 2016

an unexpected surprise

I vaguely remembered my dear friend Kate (also known as Cathy Johnson) mentioning her having an article in an upcoming issue of Watercolor Artist magazine, but did not remember the details. On Friday night, I looked up the current issue online, then scrolled down to the "featured artists" list looking for Kate's name. 

And instead, found MY OWN NAME! . . . Wait, what? 

Not having any place locally where the magazine can be purchased, we had to wait until we could drive to College Station. Where we went to Barnes & Noble and began flipping through the pages --- Bill found my sketch first, one of seven artists sketching scenes or details in nature. 

The images (and possibly the text?) in the article are taken from Kate's new book, Artist's Sketchbook. I am one of over 20 artists whose work was included in the book. I signed a release for the publisher to use my submitted art in the book; in exchange, they agreed to send me a complimentary copy of the book. Sadly, I have yet to see it though many on Facebook are posting that they already have theirs.


  1. Hi, Vicky!
    This day brings really unexpected surprise also to me...! Just today the postman has brought this new Kate's book to me! Nice to meet you again in the photo and I have found your sketches and photo of your kits. Congratulations! The book is beautiful, looking forward to read it this summer!
    Have a wonderful summer, too!

    1. There's a photo of me in the book? How scary!
      Enjoy the book! I'm still waiting for mine . . .

  2. Replies
    1. All of Kate's books are fun -- always fun to be asked to participate in one!

  3. Congratulations, Vicky! I can imagine how exciting this is! I look forward to seeing your work when I get my copy of Kate's book. Hope you get your copy soon.

    1. Thank you, Susan! If I remember right, those of us who participated in her previous book, "Artist's Journal Workshop", had to wait longer for our copies to arrive as well.


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