24 October 2014

the sadder side of a bird sanctuary

Final pages in my small Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook --- and the sadder part of living in a "bird sanctuary". This bird must have flown into our front window, as they sometimes do, a bit too hard. I found the skeleton hidden behind a plant stand on our patio.

While taking this photo, I stumbled on an easy way to hold down a page that wants to fly up: just twist a rubber band around the two corners! I keep a rubber band around the sketchbook when it's in my bag, also using it when drawing in the wind.

The lyrics on the right side were jotted down several months ago --- it's my favorite song we sing in church and I wanted to remember the words.


  1. I've had so much fun trolling through your blog this morning. Such a delightful corner. Dead birds are sad. My kids were recently traumatized while bird watching from their bedroom window, they watched a stray cat snag a pigeon. It was terrible. But when we come upon not too squishy or smelly dead birds they are compelled to study it, lifting the wings and examining them. They bring a very scientific mind to the study of dead things.

  2. Your kids sound like my husband when we go for walks --- He always seems to spot the interesting bits first, whether it be a squished frog, the remains of a rabbit, or a dead coral snake. But we also get to see live creatures like the deer who cut paths through our neighborhood or the longhorn cattle and donkeys across the road from us. I am loving this living in the country!


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