07 October 2014

an alternate kit for my purse

I was recently reorganizing my art tool chest and came across this little case I once made to carry shortened-handle paint brushes to sketch crawls.

Now I use travel brushes that have their own protective covers so I no longer use this. But I looked at it awhile . . . . and thought that it would make a handy sketch kit to fit in any purse or pocket.

The bit of plastic behind the tools was placed there to keep brush tips safe from bending, the kit being sewn of a soft suede. The sides fold inwards, the lower flap folds up, and the upper flap's velcro seals it shut.

There is just enough room for a tiny paintbox (the travel brush, closed, fits inside), spray bottle of water to refresh paints, and a couple of shortened pencils.

Just add a folded paper towel and carry a small container of water and I have all that's needed. Even an extra glass of water and napkin at a restaurant would work.

I think this small metal watercolor box is from Daler-Rowney; I've had it for several years. Only quarter-sized bits of paint but sometimes that's all that's needed to add some color to a sketch.


  1. Love this! My kit like that lives in the bedroom, in case I'm inspired at really odd hours--or when I'm sick, but I get sick so SELDOM it hasn't been used in years...

  2. I need BIG pans in my bedside palette. Sometimes it's fun to just sit cross legged on the bed watching birds at the suet feeder in that window. That's also the best inside view of the Longhorns & donkeys across the road, when they aren't hidden by trees.

    I'll be at our daughter's the rest of the week --- unlimited internet! 😄 When we get back, my new allotment will be in effect. Yeah!


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