05 October 2014

one cool hot-rod

We usually arrive at church early. While waiting this morning, I drew Kenneth and Karla's cool hot-rod from photos I found on their Facebook page. Then added some sermon notes. After coming home, I added some watercolor.

The car is really very stylish, as are the couple who own her. I found one photo of them dressed in vintage style standing next to the car. Fun!


  1. Great car sketch! Never heard of mixing cars, God and sketching in the same Sunday morning. It works. Gonna miss you at the sketch crawls, but it looks like you're set up nice in TX.

  2. John, good to hear from you! I very much miss seeing all of you on sketch crawls.

    The Lord has led us to an unusual new church family, where hot rods are not so unusual. Around here, Jubilee Christian Center of Somerville, TX is known as "the biker church" --- many members came out of the biker world and now ride for the Lord as "the Tribe of Judah", sharing the hope of the Gospel with people society shuns. We were drawn in by their emphasis on relationship with God rather than "religion" (just playing church).

    We are both loving here in our little log cabin in the woods! Bill has built his woodshop where he keeps busy and we have a wonderful community of new friends, not to mention so much more time with kids and grandkids who all live about an hour or so from us (4 different parts of TX).


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