12 June 2014

Texas Seafood & Steak House

Yesterday we had no power most of the day as the rural electric company installed a new pole and reworked our service to add Bill's new woodshop. By the time they were finished, we really didn't feel like cooking . . . . so we decided to try another new restaurant, this time in Somerville.

We are constantly amazed at the choices of unique family-owned places to eat in this area! El Dorado, KS was approximately the size of Brenham (and 9 times bigger than Somerville) yet they had no restaurants left at all, only fast food places. Even tiny Somerville has 3 family restaurants with real cooking from scratch!

This time we tried the Texas Seafood & Steak House. Very good food in generous portions; very low-key interiors. The only wall decoration was this very large striped bass, possibly caught locally. Somerville is a small town near a very large recreation lake. The server glanced my way several times, clearly curious about what I was doing, but did not realize I was drawing the fish until I pulled out a paintbrush.

Noodler's Lexington ink and watercolor in Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook

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