07 June 2014

a dozen mailboxes and a roadrunner

We have been trying to walk every morning before it gets hot. Billy usually walks both morning and evening, but I wimp out if it's too hot and humid.

The farm-to-market road near us is curvy, has lots of lake traffic, and no shoulders to walk safely on. So we walk the circle of this small development. Adding the lane that cuts through the circle, we walk a figure-eight to equal nearly a mile.

Often we see rabbits, occasional deer, and once we found a young coral snake --- already dead, thankfully. I've heard that they no longer make an anti-venom for this deadly snake because it is not profitable. The living snakes usually run away from humans.

The entrance to the community has a roadrunner-crossing sign --- this in the only one we've seen so far, along with it's twin on the other side of the covert.

A few of the mailboxes we pass on our walks:

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