09 June 2014

random weekend sketches

In the same yard as the railroad spike roadrunner (in my previous post) is this funny "grave" marker, under an old oak tree. Apparently the homeowner had trouble with his firewood disappearing?

sketching at church

The mosquitoes of Texas have finally found me. I apparently have an allergic reaction to their saliva so it's back to anti-histamines and anti-itch ointments. I drew these last night while waiting for the anti-histamine to kick in --- beats scratching!


  1. Hi, Vicky,
    nice to see your new sketches!
    Yes, mosquitoes are unpleasant, we are struggling against ticks here, and mosquitoes sometimes, too. We use homemade repellent against them - for mosquito it is "ALPA francovka" (it is solution of 60% alcohol plus some herbs used for massage muscles) and you put 30 cloves into it. Then you can put some drops on your skin and mosquitoes will run away from you. Last year we forced wasps to go away with cloves oil. They had a nest in our chamber.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Jana! I'd like to try the mixture you describe. I prefer using natural-based products when I can find them.

    Wasps are scary! We have had some of them as well, sneaking into the cabin when the doors are opened.


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