13 June 2014

no peaches

After being told that we had a peach tree, a fig tree, and an orange tree on our land, we were especially looking forward to eating fresh peaches. Unfortunately, the deer ate every last one of the baby peaches before they could develop. (The orange tree died over winter and the fig tree shows no promise.)

Noodler's polar brown ink and watercolor in Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook


  1. Still(Yet) there is hope, at least for the fig tree. The fig tree is very resistant and I see difficult that he(she) dies (though this year was not obtaining fruits). There will be necessary to have patience ... (and care with the deer ...)
    The drawing, I clean and very, very inspiring!


    1. Thank you for the encouraging word, Margarita! We don't know anything about fig trees and would love to taste the fruit. Patiently waiting for them as well as future peaches . . .

  2. Oh dear. Well he never said he ate the fruit did he?? Lol
    Give the fig tree time. If it was trimmed last fall it won't bare fruit till next year. You might need a net for the peach tree next year. Our neighbor put a transistor radio in a plastic bag in their cherry tree to scare away the birds and critters so they could eat cherries. I guess it's all in how much you want them. Nice sketch. :)

    1. Yes, the former owner said he ate a few peaches and 2 oranges; the deer got the rest. Didn't say anything about the fig tree. Thanks for the info regarding the fig tree --- the former owner pruned everything in the yard way too much! We think this is what killed the orange tree, not the cold weather.
      There are several things we will try next year for the peaches. A friend in Arkansas hangs bars of a smelly soap to repel deer.


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