27 June 2014

a different paint arrangement

Recently I was exporing Jane Blundell's blog -- she is so knowledgeable, besides being an extremely talented artist! I especially found her arrangement of paint interesting, separating each color group into cool, warm, earth, and dark. (Most of her paint choices are from Daniel Smith; I happened to have their sample sheet to replicate her choices in my sketchbook.)

So I tried the same arrangement using my current 20 paints. (Actually, I added phthalo green and removed Hansa yellow light. And I added my own mixed dark gray as Jane does, using my quin. burnt orange and ultramarine.) --- A bit messy, but who cares?

* I just noticed that where I originally planned on sap green for my warm green and undersea green for my earth green, I changed these at the last moment to serpentine green and sap green. Then forgot to correct it in ink. I also changed burnt sienna to quin. burnt orange.

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