20 June 2014

playing at Lake Somerville

Jayna and Bill swam in the lake the other day while I sat on a picnic table trying to paint the landscape. Not very happy with the results . . .

The local drought seems to be over, the lake up to its normal level. Lots of grass can be seen in the water from when this part of the lake was dry ground. Strong winds caused lots of waves to come this way.

Many of the sites along the lake are heavily wooded, but this eastern edge is more open.

 I soon gave up on the landscape and waded out into the water. Found lots of interesting bits of "flotsam and jetsam" washed up by the waves along the sandy, grassy shore. The remains of several fish that had fed local vultures, a T-shirt someone lost while out boating, a soda can . . . and this bit of driftwood and some old fishing lures.

I love Stillman & Birn bound sketchbooks . . . but I wish they were Coptic-sewn like those I make myself -- to lay open flat when working across a 2-page spread or when photographing it.


  1. Nice lake sketch, Vicky, we have very similar lake near me, with lots of birds... Nature is so beautiful!

  2. I think I will be sketching the lake more in the future. I'd like to capture the area's beauty better than this.

    But this week I'm away from home -- going to Dallas with our daughter to hear a favorite author speak. Wonder if I will find courage to sketch there?


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