16 June 2013

more play time

We've been playing lots of games and putting together a complicated puzzle. Wahoo, U-Build Sorry, Crazy UNO, Bananagrams . . . . whatever the game, Mikala always makes the game challenging.

It has been very hot and humid here in Houston this week, so it's been a good time to spend time indoors. Hopefully a bit cooler next week --- we might ride bikes then. And we want to check out a couple of book stores or make a trip to the library.

The last pages of this "granny nanny" are in process, shown below. I sketched while Mikala was at her volleyball workshop, then drew blackberries after we went to pick them at a farm in Tomball. We want a sketch of her other kitten across the rest of the spread . . . when we catch him in a quiet moment.


  1. Hi Vicky,

    I very hope everything is OK!
    I just want to tell you, that I miss you so much on Flickr! The day I found you are no longer there I was very sad, but I respect your decision. So I want to say a huge "THANK YOU" for the time you were there. I´ve realized that you´ve belonged to my life in some way. Not only for the joy while looking at your wonderful sketches, but also when reading your thoughts, your view at life, people, God, for your faith, kindness, patience, sense of humor. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR LIFE with us! I´ve never met you personaly, but I may say, you influenced my life in the best way.
    Wish you God´s blessings, joy, love, health...
    Sometimes I am dreaming that you´ll come back to Flickr. I am sure that people would be happy to have you there back, because people love you, and you are a member of amazing group of people!

    My best wishes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jana, your comments here bring tears to my eyes and laughter to my heart. Thank you so much!

    I loved how the old Flickr worked and I miss being able to easily see what friends like you are posting in "contacts" and the various groups. But the changes gave me such a headache!

    I have been slowly simplifying my life, giving away possessions not needed and trying to focus on what matters. Since deleting my Flickr account, I feel MUCH freer! Now I only manage my blog (I am correspondent to several other blogs so I need to maintain that) and Facebook. Life has become simpler.

    I miss you though! I'll need to bookmark your Flickr site so I can check in now and then, though without an account I don't think I'm allowed to comment.

  3. Yes, Vicky, I can imagine, that you feel freer! I´ve just done this with my mobile phone. As it stopped working three months ago (it was old one), I decided not to have a new one. So now I have no mobile phone and I feel very free!!! I don´t want to have it again! Who does want, can find me at landline or gmail. But Facebook is maybe more time-consuming, I had an account, and I deleted it two years ago.
    In any case, I am glad to have this way to stay in touch with you at least at your blog.
    Have a nice sketching time!

  4. Being mobile-phone free feels wonderful! I don't have one either.

    Originally I had planned on deleting my Facebook account as well -- but I miss the comments / conversations with other sketchers like I had on Flickr, and I seldom get comments on my blog. So many fellow sketchers moved to Facebook long ago as their primary way to share their art -- so I got more involved there 2 months ago.

    Blessings to you, Jana!


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