10 June 2013

granny-nanny journal, side 2

And so begins part 2 of my "granny-nanny" journal --- a small accordion fold journal with two sides; I filled in side 1 in March while helping take care of 3 of our grandchildren in Richmond, TX for a week. This month, I am keeping another grandchild in NW Houston and plan to fill in this second side. IF there is time between Mikala's junior golf, volley ball, piano lessons, swimming, etc. Such a busy young lady!

The cat shown here is Mocha, one of Mikala's new kittens. I failed to get his subtle stripes in, but the color is right. Then I sketched Mikala and her mom as they watched baseball and made last minute plans for the trip to Scotland this week.

This journal was made by Cathy 'Kate' Johnson, using the loveliest of papers, Fabriano Artistico's older version of cold press -- sadly not made anymore. Ink pens glide along it and it has the perfect 'tooth' for watercolor! Too bad the company decided to change it.


  1. I love what you've done with this! (And actually Fabriano's soft press is pretty nice, too...much smoother than the current CP! I hope they keep it that way...)

  2. I've used the soft press in a couple of journals and love it! Downside: I only need 2 - 4 sheets at a time, not the minimum mail order of 10. The only real art stores I've found it are in Texas.


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