13 July 2013

granny nanny journal finished and I'm home

Mikala and I decided to end this wee travel journal with a sketch of her "kitten", Oreo. At 9 months old, this Maine Coon cat is as large in size as my own 11 year old Maine Coon, Bearcat -- who is pretty massive in size himself. Oreo is much skinnier though . . . . he'll add some bulk as he matures in the next 4 years.

Also in these pages are some quick scribbles as Mikala participated in Volleyball Camp and some berries from the day we went to pick blackberries at Matt Family Orchard just outside of Houston. We brought home over 5 pounds, eating all we could and freezing the rest to share with Mikala's parents when they returned from Scotland.

This finishes the second side of my "granny nanny" journal:

The first side was completed in early March, when I was "granny nanny" for 3 other grandkids living in Richmond, TX:


  1. Vicky, this is lovely!
    And, by the way, have you noticed, that when you zoom your pictures, it is doing the same like on Flickr? There is a black background!

  2. I have noticed! The one thing I like about Flickr's changes, though I deleted my Flickr account --- too many confusing changes to learn, sucking my time away from sketching.
    Thanks for commenting, by the way! Sometimes I'm really not sure anyone ever visits this blog.

  3. I do visit..should comment more. Sorry. Love your granny nanny journal. Love your Art period.

  4. Hello, Cris! I'm guilty of visiting blogs (like your's) and not commenting either, so no worries! And thank you!

    Your blog posts make me miss Oregon, though it's been 39 years since we lived there. The greens in your recent photos are so rich! We are still in a drought here and "green" is usually mixed with umber and brown.


  5. We are starting to get dry fields here now. We haven't had the rain fall we usually get and have had hot weather a month earlier then usual so things are only green if we water. The Rivers are lower then usual too. Crazy weather every where these days.

  6. Sad to think of drought conditions hitting Oregon. It will be forever lush and green in my memory. Joy-filled memories at that --- my first baby was born then. And those were also the days when I first got to know the Lord in a more personal, intimate way.


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