04 June 2013

Saturday's sketching

This past Saturday, we drove to Pawnee Rock to attend Bill's aunt's funeral.  Arriving there too early (a common habit with Bill), we walked around looking for the oldest gravestones --- many from the civil war and earlier. The ones I sketched here are all children, the oldest one possibly the one now being embraced by a red cedar tree.

Popping up everywhere were these sweet wild geraniums. The ancient cemetery would have been quite peaceful if it were not for the fierce, cold Kansas winds.


  1. Back then people lost children to lots of things that we don't worry about at all these days. My grandmother lost nine children due to negative blood 'blue babies' they called them back then... only 2 of her children survived my mother (RHneg) and her sister also (RHneg)... I am RHneg like my mother... so being here today is indeed a miracle for all of us isn't it.

  2. How sad for your grandmother! From what little I know about RH factor, her surviving babies were absolutely miracles.


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