11 June 2013

LOVE real books!

During some down-time, I listened to an audio book on my Kindle and sketched a small section of the library shelves. Kristen, Michael, and Mikala all have multiple shelves packed with books, both loved editions and to-be-read piles.

The round glass vase is a special memory: it once held 12 tiny pink roses on the day Kristen was born.


  1. I love real books too. This is a lovely illustration of your shelves.

  2. I still have stacks of real books, and electronic ones... Sometimes you just need to hold the actual book in your hand :-)

  3. Alissa, this is only a very small part of our daughter's bookshelves -- she has turned a whole extra bedroom into a library / music room. I am a tad bit envious . . .

    Real books certainly have more personality, especially those from the used market and libraries. Sort of like they take on something from each person who read them.

    But I am trying to reduce the 'stuff' we own, so I'll have only my favorites as real books and read the lighter stuff on the Kindle. Bill retires in October and we are talking of moving to Texas; it would be nice not to pay for moving more than we need.


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