04 June 2013

Mikala wants to raise a cow.

Every year Mikala goes to the rodeo in Houston. And every year, she loves to check out the cows. She also loves the pig races each year but so far has no desire to raise one.

But she does want to raise a cow. And with her wanting to become a vet someday, why not? There are currently too many small-animal vets in practice, but large-animal vets are in short supply. I hope she gets her wish. Meanwhile, I bought this longhorn cow to add to her collection of Schleich horses --- I will be flying to Houston this week to stay with Mikala while her parents travel to Scotland.


  1. Auburn University and the University of Georgia both have excellent large animal vet schools. Tell Mikala to take lots of math and biology classes... getting into vet school is harder than getting into Med school, there are only 28 vets schools in the US..

  2. Good thing she loves math!
    Her parents are both alumni of Kansas State, which has one of the top vet schools --- Bill's brother graduated there as an Army veterinarian. He's the one who told us that large animal practice is the only one with a need right now.


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