03 August 2011

munching cicadas

This event took place on 22 July, when Mikala came to visit us overnight. But I didn't get around to journaling it until this week.

When I took Ceilidh out early in that morning, I noticed this cicada struggling to move around in the grass. It had been injured in some way.

After Mikala woke up and had breakfast, we took the puppy outside again -- she and I were chatting away and not paying much attention to Ceilidh at the end of the leash.

The next thing we knew, we heard a very loud CRUNCH! followed by chewing. I looked down and the cicada was gone. Mikala and I laughed, wondering if she'd like some honey to go with it?

Now Ceilidh continues to look for more cicadas whenever I take her out . . . she would eat them all if I let her.


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