17 August 2011

still fascinated . . .

. . . even though I can't see them close enough to identify them -- I don't have any binoculars and the tree is 3 stories high.

I took our cat, Bearcat, to the vet today --- he may have a UTI. He stayed overnight so they could try to get a urine sample from him. He's so laid back, he's probably taken over the place by now -- not much fazes him. There is an office cat named Licorice to keep him company.

While there, I described the raptor living in our elm tree --- she thinks it is probably a sharp-shinnned hawk, which she has seen a lot around town. So I sketched one from a field guide, along with the other "suspects". I think it's a Mississippi Kite.

Noodler's sepia ink and watercolor pencils

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