15 August 2011

knitting bag . . .

. . . full of Someone's Christmas sweater. After finishing up on knitting one evening, I sketched the bag while waiting for a program to end.

Later, I measured how it was coming and ended up starting all over. The pattern I'm using is for a 12 mo. toddler and uses a bulkier yarn. I'm making this to fit a 3 - 6 month old (I hope) and using a lighter yarn. I have a perfectionistic nature and often start all over on projects. Good thing that this is very small --- I've already nearly caught up with where I was before. The shape is much better too.

Speaking of perfectionism, I also added to the above sketch . . . then wish I hadn't added the background color. When will I ever learn to stop with a sketch before I "ruin" it?

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