08 August 2011

mini palettes for pencil pouch

Thanks to a recent post by "CaptElaine", I found this pencil pouch on an elastic band at WalMart. My current journal is a bit smaller than I usually bind, but the pouch will fit my normal size perfectly (approx. 5 1/2 x 8").

Though my W & N Bijou palette will fit, I'd like a smaller palette for it so I can fit several pens & pencils, an eraser, and sharpener inside. So I put leftover half pans in these teeny mint tins --- one for watercolor and one for gouache. There's also a white WC crayon in the gouache tin. I've painted the insides of the lids with white enamel paint for mixing paint.

Since these were left-over half pans of paint that I did not use, I made color charts to see if they work together. Besides, making color charts is a relaxing thing to do.


  1. I so love your kit. If you would like go check out my NEW little kit I just made. :) Love you color charts to what a great idea. Happy painting!

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog. Please feel free to come back. I just added my first Pen & Ink w/water color using my little kit. Its was so exciting!


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