22 August 2011

misc. purchases

--- some purchased on line, others picked up while doing regular grocery shopping. I found the little travel sketchbook, "The Artist on the Road: Impressions of Greece" after connecting with Richard Sheppard's Flickr site. Enjoyed it thoroughly!!

Not only are the illustrations and travel memories wonderful, but it also contains some real wisdom for anyone wishing to create sketchbook art.

Another Flickr contact, Debo, told me where I could find an empty Schmincke travel palette --- I have a similar one sold by Kremer with only two mixing areas in the lid. This one is much more usable, having three large areas. (I know . . . . I'm a real palette junkie!)

With a 40% coupon, I decided to try the Indanthrene blue / PB 60 that Roz loves. Schmincke paints are not available here so I got one by Winsor & Newton. Then I saw these brushes for half-price; I'm using water-brushes way too much --- I'll shorten this flat brush to fit in a travel pack for brushes and pens.


  1. I've been playing a little catchup with all my favorite bloggers and see that you're still doing beautiful work. Thanks for the link to Richard Sheppard...wow, he's good!

    Also, because I saw it on your site, I refitted my w&n box with large pans and tube paints. It is my favorite now...love all the mixing space! I couldn't live without a few extra colors though, and in the space that held the brush I inserted six half pans of convenience colors. My metal paint boxes haven't been touched since!

  2. Catching up after a dry spell is fun --- and what a great idea using the brush space to hold half pans! Thanks, Raena!


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