07 March 2011


I've joined the Sketchercise Flickr group as incentive to get back to walking & sketching more.

But knowing a new puppy will soon be joining me, I elected to keep this as simple as possible for now. Only what will easily fit in my pockets:

* hand-sewn journal pages I tucked into a leather business card holder

* Bijou pocket WC palette (or similar-sized one with gouache)

* Micron Pigma pen

* waterbrush

* old sock cuff for cleaning brush, worn on my wrist

sketches from first two days of Sketchercise

The first day, distractions and busyness kept me from walking until near sundown; by the time I stopped to sketch something, it was too dark to see very much!

The second day was cold and blustery; this trash can was so overfull, I chuckled at it's gluttony.


  1. Looks interesting! Nice project... I'll join it someday - when it would be possible to let my son be with dad or otherwise (if he lets me sketch!) and when the weather gets slightly warmer..
    For now, I have to exercise at home!

  2. I don't think Sketchercise is limited to walking, Shalini, as long as you are exercising and sketch at some point during that exercise. Why don't you ask Katherine Tyrrell who moderates the group?

  3. Excellent idea, I joined urban sketchers for much the sae reason. I am jealous though, wish I could travel so light. Great sketch pad.

  4. LOL -- I don't always travel so light! But even with so little, I fumble trying to hold it all while standing and sketching.

  5. So dedicated... sounds like something I should do... but probably won't... add to the list of things I'll do when I don't have to work every day.

  6. That's a big part of my various endeavors . . . I am unemployed!

    I rolled over laughing at your comment on Carol's doggy journal --- I can just picture the Jack Russell terrorists! Terriers: either LOVE 'em or hate 'em. I think they are the absolute best!

  7. I love the idea of sketchercise. I tried to do my own version of it with my pet horses on Saturday. That approach needs to be modified. Unfortunately, it is almost too much of a challenge to do a daily sketchercise routine. In order to have pet horses, I need to offset the expense of them by doing barn chores which is my major exercise.
    I have to tell you, since finding some of your images on flickr I've been very, very inspired by you. Very! I'm glad I finally checked out your blog, too!

  8. Barn chores are definitely exercise!! I think it would work for sketchercise very well if, after you had mucked out the stalls, etc., you did a quick sketch of something in the area. Then just explain in your post what the exercise was. I would LOVE to work with horses!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  9. Hey I just saw this,
    and I was wondering if you could share some tips on how you stitched together your pages?
    I did that for a project, but the pages just wouldn't stay close, as in it kept flapping open :(

    any help is appreciated!

  10. For each handbound journal I make, I sew the book-block together with a coptic stitch that I learned from this site:


    Pages lay flat when open and are very sturdy with this method.
    After creasing all folds with a bone folder, I put a heavy weight on them for a few days before sewing -- This seems to help them "remember" to behave. Hope that helps you!


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