11 March 2011

sketchercise crocus

At the end of a walk around the neighborhood today, I stopped to sketch this early crocus that had popped up in the middle of a yard. It opened only a few days ago; now the petals are already drooping. Maybe because the weather can't decide if it wants to be wintry or springlike.

This pocket-sized palette had W & N gouache, but several colors had crumbled up into loose crumbs. I cleaned these out yesterday, replacing them with some of the newer M. Graham gouache. Then I removed the 2-piece Koi waterbrush I had kept in the center space to make room for a half-pan of white gouache and a sponge. When out and about, the Koi brush was just too much bother to fumble with.

With the sponge in the center, I no longer need the sock cuff I was wearing on my wrist to clean the waterbrush. One less thing to remember as I walk and sketch.


  1. Your sketch is really great!

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog... it brought me to yours which I've enjoyed reading and admiring your work. I love your little journal in the card folder, and the larger one you just made. You might try book cloth for you covers. Wax does help on paper, also acrylic media. I envy you being able to get outside and sketch.... its still much to cold here for me now.

  3. I have been scouring for pocket palettes here in the philippines...no avail...beautiful sketch :)

  4. Thanks to each of you and welcome! I love hearing from others and then checking out each of your blogs in return.

  5. I love the teeny palette! Do you mind if I ask what kind?

  6. Sure! It's from Wet Paint:
    (scroll to the bottom of the page)

    It comes empty and you fill it with your own tubes of paint. The barriers are not tight, though, so it helps to run a strip of hot glue in the gaps before filling.


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