22 March 2011

Hall of Waters

Finally winter loosened it's grip and we were able to have a sketchcrawl in Excelsior Springs on Saturday --- and on a weekend that Bill was not on-call --- hurray! (Last month's planned sketchcrawl was canceled due to ice.)

We drive about 3 hours from home, partly through the always-changing Flint Hills. I've tried to get local artist friends interested in a sketchcrawl closer to home, but no takers. So I meet up with artist/writer Cathy "Kate" Johnson and other friends I've met through Flickr.

We always have a great time . . . even with a thunderstorm this time. We met again at the historic Hall of Waters and stayed out of the rain. Hopefully next time it will be sunny and dry so we can go look for spring wildflowers in the nearby woods. After sketching, most everyone has a light meal or snack at one of the eateries in town as we pass around our sketchbooks.

It's a nice get-away for Bill --- no cell phone and no pager. He takes a book along to read while I'm sketching. Ceilidh went along for the adventure, traveling in an old cat carrier because she's still so tiny. We are trying to get her used to car travel so she can head for Texas with us sometime this summer.

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