17 March 2011

Ceilidh arrives at last!

I drove to Oklahoma on Sunday to pick up our new Scottish Terrier baby from our breeder, Pam. Right away I could tell she was an awesome little personality -- so much curiosity and confidence! Her tail never stops wagging and flying like a little flag.

As I was driving south to pick up my new baby, our son Jason was driving north for a spring-break visit, along with our son Jeff and grandkids Jayna and Josiah. They also brought Maxwell, my former Scottie who now belongs to Jayna.
Ceilidh seems to love everyone and can't get enough of exploring her new territory. She has already claimed her basket of toys, "killing" a furry fox several times, and stealing the cat's toys.

The only down side is that I have had no time for sketching at all. It's like having a new baby in the house, needing some kind of attention at least every 2 hours. She sleeps through the night MUCH better than any of our human children did though!


  1. She's just too cute for words!

  2. She's also quite a handful of busy activity! Scottie Attitude, bordering on arrogance -- Gotta love 'em!

  3. This is great. Adorable and definitely looks to be a fun loving companion for you all.

  4. What an adorable puppy. I love that first photo of him. I love the looks of scotty dogs. Enjoy!!

  5. Scotties are the best! in looks, size, attitude, and personality. Wonderful companions!


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