08 March 2011

new journal

another one I bound myself . . . . It's hard to come up with sturdy cover papers around here. I used a heavy scrapbook paper on this cover but it still seemed like it would wear out long before I finish sketching within its pages.

My buddy, Kate, told me of a neat trick she uses on some journal covers: Future floor wax! Actually I couldn't find any, but Pledge had one that had the Future logo on the label. And it seemed to work well. Just a bit of shine but it feels sturdier.

At first the cover was plain, but since I am picking up my new Scottie puppy this coming weekend, I just had to add a bit of Scots to the journal. I'm sure there will be many sketches of her coming . . .
But true to my own tradition, the first pages were palette sketches.


  1. Love the colours behind the palettes. Happy sketching!

  2. Thanks! I could never resist a rainbow of color!

  3. These days, I cover my journals/sketchbooks with fabric. I have done it with heavier scrapbooking paper and lighterweight cardstock, but the paper covers wear out much faster than I can fill the journal.

    The fabric covers do very well.

  4. I'll have to try fabric with the next journals I bind. I've thought of using bookcloth in the past, but it's kind of pricey. I wasn't sure using regular cloth would work because the glue would seep through.


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