04 March 2011

new tubes of gouache

Here, I filled whole pans with some gouache that my friend Wendee mailed me --- she no longer wanted these and had read that I wished to try M. Graham and Schmincke brands of gouache. Roz is SO RIGHT --- they really DO rewet much easier and are more vibrant! (read more here!)

I use a fine-point sharpie to write the paint's name on the side of each pan, plus initials of what brand it is. If I ever stop using the paint, this information is easily scrubbed off with an SOS pad.

Due to a winter storm last week in Kansas City, Creative Coldsnow extended their sale another week. With new blue and brown gouache, I just HAD to get a couple of reds and a yellow in M. Graham, right?

I'll try both browns to decide which is the most useful (and to compare M. Graham to Schmincke) -- then maybe replace one with a burnt sienna. Although, I found I could not only make a great orange with the warm red and yellow . . . add a bit of the raw umber and I get a fantastic burnt sienna! I will also add a larger pan of warm blue eventually . . . not sure if it will be ultramarine or Roz' beloved dark indigo (PB60).

BTW, this is the last page of this journal --- now on to a new one!


  1. I look forward to your findings after you've had a chance to play with the colors. I've never tried gouache. I'm intrigued.

  2. If only I could get focused long enough, away from "daily life" distractions!

    Gouache is so totally different from watercolor, it will take some time to figure out what I want to do with it. Something new to learn!

  3. Thanks for the information about the M.Graham Gouache! I don't have any...but always wanted some. I will see if they have any in Sept. at the Art Trade Show in Savannah. M.Graham is always there and they have GREAT prices on their stuff...Will keep my fingers crossed that they will bring gouache this year!

  4. I'll still use the W & N gouache until it is used up, but M.Graham and Schmincke are certainly more user-friendly for the way I work (from travel palettes)!


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