14 September 2018

a limited palette for autumn

I love playing with new combinations of watercolor — made especially easy with the magnetic pans in these Pocket Palettes from Expeditionary Art. And in the autumn, I’m drawn to rich, earthy, and granulating pigments.

José Naranja makes incredible art journals in a very precise, detailed style using ink and a limit palette, along with stamps and other added bits. Found in his tiny watercolor set are indigo, (burnt?) sienna, a red, turquoise, and a grey/black. I love the colorful brilliance of combining these colors with multiple colors of ink!

Though I have a small bit of cobalt turquoise light, I haven’t found a lot of uses for it, but it just seems to fit this combination of colors. Not owning any indigo, I substituted Persian blue. I used both burnt sienna and a natural (raw) sienna, plus titanium white gouache for working on toned paper. Then there was one small hole left so I added a bit of leftover Jadeite genuine. I LOVE Jadeite but won’t be replacing it because the price has gone too high.

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