28 May 2018

U.S.S. Cavalla, part 2


So how would you like to bunk atop a torpedo? On this World War II submarine, as on most subs, bedding was crammed in every available space. I like the complicated table in the officers’ mess, drawn on the above right page. Apparently it was also used to study maps or charts.

This is one of the junior officers’ quarters. There were two beds n this long, narrow space with a desk at each end. My eyes went immediately to the gorgeous leather-bound journal laying on the pillow!


  1. Lovely sketches. Do you draw directly with ink? I love the feel of them. And the leather journal!

    1. Some of the sketches in this book were drawn directly in ink — simply because I forgot to bring a pencil with me! But for most of them, I laid forms out lightly in pencil, drew in ink (not tracing), then erased the pencil.


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