04 May 2018

the trip that wasn’t . . .

And now, the rest of the story . . .

Earlier this week my step-mother died. I planned to fly to Kansas for the funeral.

Spent all day Wednesday searching for a round-trip flight that we wouldn’t have to take a loan out for. (Over $1000 Texas to Kansas while advertising $150 trips to New York? Really?)

Finally found flights for just under $400, but had to pay upgrades on only available seating.

Thursday, while driving to Houston’s airport, received a text: flight canceled due to weather in Dallas/Fort Worth. Rebooking me tomorrow morning. Uh, that won’t work, funeral is tomorrow morning.

Spoke with very understanding lady at American Airlines who found me a late night flight, getting me to Wichita at midnight.

Bill drove me to Houston a second time, dropping me off at our daughter’s house — she will drive me to the airport later. While waiting, received another text: first of connecting flights delayed and I will miss my connection in DFW. They will rebook my second flight to Friday (with me spending the night at DFW airport). Again, I phone to explain I would miss the funeral, which is the only reason I’m traveling in the first place. Spoke to another understanding lady who worked very hard at finding me another flight, even with another airline. No more flights available, period.

Never mind. Refunded. Bill drove to Houston third time in one day to pick me up. Had dinner with daughter’s family. Went home. Maybe God didn’t want me to go to Kansas this week?


  1. Tears in my eyes, Vicky...
    You did your best.
    Sorry to hear of your loss.
    May our Lord bless and comfort you...

    1. The Lord must not have wanted me to be there — I fully believe that He orders our steps and works things together for our good.
      I have never been close to my father or step-mother, having grown up with divorced parents. I wanted to go because I thought it was “the right thing to do”.

  2. God often uses seemingly roundabout means to speak to us. Often too, we only understand when the roundabout stops. I think it is one of His ways of showing His sovereignty in all things.

  3. True! He also seems to enjoy reminding me that HE is the Father to me that my earthly dad never was.


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