02 May 2018

Sketchbook Revival journals, covered

Bonnie Christine’s video class on Day 8 of the Sketchbook Revival online class was just the inspiration I needed to add simple covers to my class sketchbooks. Because a large portion of the main one contains sketches from our recent trip to Galveston Island, I covered it with a sand-colored linen. I’m still working on the many travel sketches in this journal made of watercolor paper.

The single-signature book made of Bristol paper is covered in “battleship gray” anchor fabric — I plan on filling this one with ink sketches from photos I took. We toured a battleship, a submarine, and a destroyer escort; this journal will be a memory book for Bill. Having served aboard a sub-tender in the Navy, he was like a little kid, climbing all over each vessel as far as they would let him go!

After returning home I received news of a death in the family, so I will be making an unexpected flight to Kansas this week for the funeral. I may not follow the remaining classes — several of them cover subjects that do not interest me anyway. After a busy search to find last-minute flights I could afford, I couldn’t get to sleep last night . . . so I planned what to pack in my sketchbook.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll be praying for a safe trip and God's blessing and comfort for you and your family. I like your journal covers and sketches. I'm glad you were able to get a flight.

  2. Thank you, Dawn. My step-mother had dementia and didn’t really know anyone anymore. But I feel that I need to be there for my dad. I was never close to either of them but maybe it’s not too late to have a real relationship?
    At first, the only round trip flights we could find at the last minute were $800 to $1000! But I was finally able to find one for just over $400 — much better! I’ve been told the only airline still doing “bereavement” is Delta . . . and they don’t fly in to Wichita.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the death in your family, dear friend...but what lovely projects...


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