12 May 2018

61st street fishing pier

This fishing pier was across Seawall Boulevard from our hotel in Galveston, and we visited it after one of my beach strolls. Bill purchased a locally made craft beer which allowed us access to the upper deck. In fact, we had it all to ourselves and the view was lovely! There were many others on the long pier and the rock jetty leading out to the pier, fishing for their dinner. As were the many sea birds around us.

I used up what little masking fluid I had left to save the white of the waves; most of the bottle (from Daniel Smith) had dried up. I don’t use it much but I always make sure it is shut securely so I was surprised that most of it was wasted. My Molotow pen was also not working. I asked friends on Facebook what brands they recommended, and most say to try Pebeo . . . and to store it upside down.

The gutter down the center of this two page spread is not a clean fold due to the paper really being too heavy to fold into a sketchbook folio (200 lb. Cotman watercolor paper). But it was just some leftover paper I had on hand, and I really don’t mind — this is a journal of memories, not a fine work of art, after all.
Bill being silly on the pier


  1. Love, how tou did the sea, Vicky! Absolutely great!
    Looks you had a wonderful time!


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