09 May 2018

pelicans and a crippled gull

I loved watching the brown pelicans feeding in the gulf waters near sunset in Galveston. They soar so gracefully in the air . . . then do a belly-flop landing in the surf! And as they take off again, sometimes they make like a motor boat along the surface, leaving a huge wake behind them. But they are very hard to draw! I thought sticking to silhouettes might be easier.

All along the sea wall, newly planted palms are held firm with wires, replacing all those lost n the recent hurricane. Many homes and businesses are still boarded up or undergoing repairs; we saw one business being raised up onto a higher foundation.

In the morning on the beach, we came across this laughing gull with a broken leg, hopping around waiting for the incoming tide to bring his breakfast. Another gull would not leave his side, patiently walking along beside him.

The gulf waters near Galveston usually look gray but as the sun sets in the West, they take on the most magical deep blue hue. Once while camping on Mustang Island further south, we saw the white caps reflecting the pink of the sunset behind us.

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